She Wolves



We are close to finishing our movie :D, our expected date to finish is Friday the 13th (scary right? right).  Its that time of year and things are heating up.  We have been very productive since our last blog was posted, we filmed multiple dares for our “dare montage” in which I (Chris or “John”) am dared to do various ridiculous things such as ride down the tech wing ramp in a trash barrel, which is actually not as easy as it sounds, and very painful.  Although very bruised and battered from filming scenes such as these, myself and the rest of the crew are having an excellent time filming and look forward to seeing the finished project on the big screen.  Julianna has finished rewriting one of our scenes, and thats the next thing we plan to film, starring our amazing assistant director: TSull.  We do have some solid sequences set up that are looking excellent, edited mostly by Kellie Jo, that just need a few touch-ups before we put them into our final product.  Right about now we are having a little fashion show for some of the prom scene outfits.  Next weekend we are looking to film the prom scene with my mom (who, might I add, is ecstatic to be involved in film festival for her second time).  Aside from the prom scene we have to finish up some scenes with the unibrow clan (the she wolves) which are always fun scenes to film and a laugh to see three boys in dresses.




Matt Mullen sprouted two progenies—Kellie Jo McCann and Jenn Sifferelen. Some say that these two sprouted forth from Matt’s head, like Athena from Zeus. While I am not sure of that, I am quite certain that he did a great job of teaching these two the ins and outs of directing a top-notch film. Kellie Jo co-wrote a script with her co-director Julianna Donaher. The whole process took them 6 months to get the screenplay to where they wanted it. Since then, these two girls have been all business. They know exactly what the want and they get it. It is a pleasure to see them direct their actors to make sure that they get their vision on screen. Chris Barajas, a sophomore, plays the lead; Evan Parsons and Becky Chariton play supporting roles. I’ve seen their footage and I am impressed with their shots. I was worried about casting a sophomore in such a big role, but it looks like Barajas is more than holding his own. Tim Sullivan and Doug Stewart round off the crew adding good looks and talent respectively. The script also poses some serious challenges as far as art direction and on-location shots (Elm Street first grade class). Nevertheless, Kellie and Julianna have been more than up to the task. Most impressive has been how “on-task” this crew has been. They even keep Sully in line.

Buzz: Grande Iced Caramel Macchiato


These guys will be fighting with Windsor all year for who will be at the bottom of the pile. Kellie knows some crooners, but I’m not sure what music any of the other members can get. Sully loves his rap, but he has only been able to get one Music Trivs point in three years.

Elm Street Visit


Hello everyone, this is pomegranate.  We are doing very well lately, and today we are doing a little revising, and rewriting our Daybreak scene!  We also just met with Ms. Villa’s 1st grade class at Elm Street School, and that was a fun time.  Interacting with the kids, and playing games with them was a blast.  The kids were very excited to participate in all the activities that we had for them, and that made it easy to see who we could use as our main characters.  That brings me to the announcement and that is that the Pomegranate crew would like to welcome Grace, Adnan and Kayden to our crew, they will be playing young Claire, John, and Robert.  We cannot wait to meet with them again and actually start filming with them.  We have accomplished a lot in the past week, and our movie is definitely greatly progressing; however, we still have a long way too go, but everything looks awesome so far.  Quick shout out to our art directors who are helping us get the costumes and props that we need in order to film.  Poma out, we will keep you posted, peace.



Hola blog readers!  Kellie Jo here representing pomegranate.  First, I want to start off with congratulating Becky Chariton (playing Claire) and Evan Parsons (playing Robert) with their new lead roles in the musical Grease.  They will be playing Rizzo and Danny, and we as a crew are very proud of them!  Moving on, filming time has begun and it is very exciting.  I am lucky enough to be in both film classes so everything is moving along smoothly.  Art direction is heating up with a new rule, art directors should be involved in filming.  Our art direction crew is pretty suave so we wont have that much of a problem with this.  Also, we are shooting on a 50 ml lens for most of our shots which is difficult but we are getting some really good quality footage.  Life as Huckleberry’s neighbors is definitely an interesting experience.  And BREAKING NEWS; Doug Stewart has officially joined our crew as assistant director and prodigy.  The crew is complete and we are rolling filming the Unibrow clan during these midyears and our first scene with Terrance which we are very excited for.

Go Poma!


Well to start this off we just wanted to say that Peter bruen is always bruening everything, but besides that Poma crew has been extremely productive this week.

But, why don’t we start by fully introducing our crew, we have our directors the amazing Julianna Donaher and the fabulous Kellie Jo MCcann along with our assistant director: the swagful Timothy Sullivan. Next we have our awesome art direction crew (headed by the great Becky Chariton) Justine Brown, Jamie Ferguson, and Kristen Mich. We have our actors Chris Barajas as John, Becky Chariton as Claire, Evan Parsons as Robert, Justin Connolly as Terrance, Tim Sullivan as Jason, Ashley Hardy as Danielle, and Andrew Averill, Sean Averill, and Kyle Celetano as the Uni Brow Clan. With all of our storyboarding done, and the final vision written we’re ready to begin scheduling and are looking forward to filming. Also this week we have been excellent enough to be placed in the fruit basket raising our music triv score from 4 to 9. Go Poma! Coming up in the world!

Peace. Love. Poma

Pumped for Poma


I couldn’t be more excited to be apart of this crew.  We rock.  This film has tremendous potential and we have very high hopes.  Unfortunately we are trailing in music trivs, however we are still the best crew.  Kellie Jo McCann is trying to repeat as best film, and she will do it.  Just want to remind everyone that we are the best crew.  We are polishing up the vision this weekend, but it is looking superb thus far.  The crew is getting along well in the early stages of pre production.  Currently we are missing Julianna Donaher, she is currently on a business trip discussing financial aspects of our film.  Art direction is the hot topic of discussion in our crew, and much progression is being made.  Pomegranate signing off.  Over and out.  PS:  Ancient myths claim pomegranates to be a favorite food of the gods!!